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Rejuv'Oil in family: why use at all ages

Why Rejuv'Oil is good for both my 20s and my 60s.

Day after day, we always find an occasion to celebrate mothers. But it is well known that Mother's Day is a real opportunity to mark the occasion. This is the opportunity to discover Rejuv'Oil, the face & body booster for your mum (and you)

Yes, you read that correctly, Rejuv'Oil is an oil that can be applied at any age and for all skin types


1. BENEFITS ANTI-AGE : The extracts of seeds of Lupin, the Passiflore (concentrate of precious molecules of Maracuja Oil), centellia asiatica and tomatoes carotenoids, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

2. ANTIOXYDANT ACTION : the combination of vegetable oil, borage, almonds and olives helps antioxidant properties and nourishing. Improve tissus elasticity and remodel the skin slackening of the oval of the face.

3. REFINING ACTION : A marine (micro-algue unicellular) detoxifies, help to burns fat. Refine and reshape the silhouette. Smooth the surface of zones thighs, hips and belly.

A little history: :

Mother's Day is celebrated in many countries. In France, after the First World War, a day was dedicated to mothers and wives who had lost their men in battle. Mother's Day was finally made official by law in 1950. Since then, every year, the last Sunday in May is the ideal occasion to share a moment of well-being with your mother !

Rejuv'Oil is used in the family.

Christiane, founder of Aromélia, uses Rejuv'Oil as an anti-ageing face booster.

Caroline, her daughter and co-founder, uses Rejuv'Oil to nourish and protect her sensitive skin.

Charlotte, her social media granddaughter, uses Rejuv'Oil to reduce her stretch marks.

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